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In-store & Omnichannel engagement

Omnichannel customer engagement

Consumers have exceptionally high demand for an engaging and continual conversation across all channels. Whether the customer is shopping online, or buying a product in-store, it's important to deliver an enjoyable and fully immersive shopping experience.

At Welcom Digital, we provide commerce technologies to enhance customer engagement and improve the omnichannel shopping journey, aiding purchase decisions and brand awareness. Our eCommerce solutions can be seamlessly integrated with in-store technologies such as digital signage, ensuring a consistent conversation across all channels.

In-store marketing strategy


As part of our in-store solutions, our team of marketers and digital experts can work with you to understand your requirements and provide strategic direction on how best to capture, engage and convert in-store shoppers.

Over the years, we've developed a pool of best-practice knowledge and have a wealth of experience in working with global brands and national retailers to help them influence sales, build brand awareness and maximise customer satisfaction through digital technology.

SignStix®: Award-winning digital engagement

Welcom Digital's in-store offering is driven and powered by SignStix® - a cloud-based digital signage platform used by commercial and corporate enterprises to drive in-store engagement.

SignStix® has been proven to help raise in-store traffic, increase average purchase amounts, increase overall sales volume and leverage brand awareness and is effective for all industries:


  Simple setup, no IT required

  Deploy content globally

  4K out-of-the-box

  Cloud-based platform

  No servers or software

  Build video walls of any size

  96%+ efficient than PC solutions

  Used by global brands

  Evolving platform 


iBeacon in-store messaging


SignStix® can be easily integrated with iBeacon - a fine-grained location services technology which can be used to push personalised messages to customers' smartphones.

Used in conjunction with your current smartphone app, iBeacon can promote offers or essential marketing messages straight into the hands of new or returning customers. And, instead of offering customers the option to set a reminder for a product they've bookmarked within the app, you can use iBeacon to remind customers when their smartphones are in close vicinity to a bookmarked product in-store.

In-store wayfinding

When a wayfinding system is not utilised properly, users spend too much time looking for what they need which can negatively affect a business's bottom line.

SignStix® provides an alternative to static signs; with highly visible, easy to update signage that provides valuable assistance to customers.