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We helped John Lewis maximise the value of its in-store digital signage  


The challenge

Initially developed to communicate with customers in one store, SignStix’s high impact, low-cost digital signage is now specified as a standard component in any refresh or new build. We provide a mixture of SignStix based services including IPTV headend and SignStix players to deliver a more engaging experience in-store.

The challenge was to:

  • Maximise the value of its in-store digital canvas, drawing attention to products and engaging customers through in-store advertising
  • Provide an engaging experience for restaurant visitors

The Solution

Initially John Lewis wanted to use the biggest canvas they have in store (the CE department – Consumer Electronics) for communicating with customers. The team developed a mechanism that allowed them to demonstrate existing terrestrial and satellite channels but also to have their own channels delivered over the Internet from head office. This was subsequently expanded to cover off key areas in store, including the children’s department and the new fashion concept, ‘The Edit’.

Digital Menu Boards

  • A digital signage concept was created for John Lewis to offer a more varied menu and special promotions, in addition to the ability to instantly react to market conditions and customer demands.
  • A total of 27 screens were installed throughout John Lewis Oxford Street. Each screen lists the appropriate menu selection alongside the price, which is controlled and updated centrally by John Lewis.