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We enhanced CITB’s customer experience with a fully scalable eCommerce platform


The challenge

As part of a wider modernisation programme CITB required a transactional website to allow customers (both business and individuals) to access their products through a self-service channel.

As the Industry Training Board and partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England, Scotland and Wales, CITB required a transactional website to meet their specific set of customer needs. Welcom Digital created a fully scalable eCommerce platform to incorporate their vast range of products and services for their diverse customer base.  

The solution - EPiServer eCommerce platform

Welcom Digital has used the EPiServer platform to provide CITB with the core eCommerce and CMS functionality required to deliver a scalable, transactional website but  has also showcased its technical competence and expertise to enhance the platform to meet specific CITB requirements. These included:

The delivery of a Customer Service Advisor (CSA) process that allows CITB call center staff to place orders on behalf of customers using the front end of the website.

Enabling customers to use existing CITB credit accounts to pay for products.

Integrations to initiate subscriptions for online products.

Customer specific pricing based on specific accreditations and approvals.

With a continued passion for e-commerce and technology, Welcom Digital is delighted to be involved in this complex, public sector project.

The results...

Call wait times to the call centre have been reduced, customer satisfaction has increased and CITB have an eCommerce channel to build on.

Natalie Miller, Project Senior Responsible Officer, CITB:

“As part of our ongoing programme of work to improve our digital services, we have built a new online CITB shop. This platform will enhance our customers experience when purchasing publications, and deliver capability that can be utilised to sell a broader range of products in the future.

"This site needed to meet our specific set of customer needs (including credit account purchases, personalised pricing) and product specifications (including multiple formats, restrictions to specific customer groups, and a range of fulfillment partners). Welcom Digital worked to understand and capture our requirements and then produced a system specification that adopted standard build options where possible, and introduced custom build functionality where required.”