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The Sitecore Experience Platform

Put your customers at the centre of everything you do


Web Experience

A pioneer in web content management

Web content management is the backbone of consistent digital experiences. Use Sitecore to deliver a unique web experience for every customer.

Why Sitecore CMS?

Content that looks good wherever it is viewed

Edit web content without coding

Deliver a completely connected customer experience

Enterprise level site search capability

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools

Easy integration to 3rd party systems

Persona-based personalisation

Manage multiple sites in multiple languages and currencies


What the experts say...

Known globally as an innovator in content management, Sitecore has established a leading position in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management the fifth year in a row.


Commerce Experience

Richer, connected experience drives higher e-business value

The Sitecore Experience Platform completely integrates commerce capabilities with web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, optimisation, and analytics. It is a unified commerce and experience management platform that provides your customers with a single, powerful shopping experience.

Unite site, customer, and commerce data

Connect and collect individualised customer data to shape every customer's shopping experience, online and in-store. Harness insights to provide highly relevant content and offers that resonate with each and every customer, enabling true one-to-one marketing that converts.

One experience on any device

As your customers navigate across multiple devices (mobile or desk-bound), you can deliver a shopping experience that recognises each device and automatically adjusts interactions for a seamless experience.

Location-based targeting

Deliver tailored content based on where your customers are physically located, highlighting content that relates to their nearest store. Send offers to their mobiles based on proximity and relevance.

Automate real-time content

Respond to each customer's interactions with your brand in real time. Extend relevant content and offers based on an individual's activity right as it happens, when their engagement is at its highest.

Email Manager

Email Experience


No more spam emails

Email should form part of a seamlessly connected customer's experience: consistent, tailored and personal. The Sitecore Experience Platform™ uses your connected customer information to ensure that you deliver relevant email and harness the results in other cross-channel interactions. By knowing your customers, you only send what they want and need. No more, no less.


Keep in touch

Continue the conversation by staying in touch with relevant, timely communications that are valued by your customers. Automate email nurturing campaigns to trigger based on specific events, behaviour, or any experience profile information that's available.


Form closer relationships

Automatically measure every interaction your customers have with each email and learn how they operate: What they opened, what they clicked on, and what device they did it from all help you get to know your customer better. Then offer them more relevant content across all relevant channels as you deepen the conversation.


Improve conversion

Use your emails sparingly and effectively: less is more. Creating email campaigns within the Sitecore Experience Platform drives higher conversion rates and yields real business results, because your emails are completely connected with customer insights, making them relevant, meaningful, and well-timed.

email experience

Mobile Experience

Make your mobile site and mobile apps work for you

There are 3 billion people online today, using mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The next 1 billion will be mobile-only. The first experience your prospects have with you is increasingly likely to be on a mobile device – whether browsing your site from their phone, or downloading and installing your app – you have to optimise your mobile web site and mobile apps to tell your story as you intended it.

Personal experience on the go

Mobile experience is now woven into the fabric of everyday life. Consumers take digital experiences with them everywhere, and interact with those experiences constantly. No longer simply a device or a channel, the intensely personal nature that mobile enables has caused consumer expectations to skyrocket.

Shape the mobile experience

Sitecore enables the entire mobile experience, from collecting and understanding everything about your mobile consumers in a single view, to enabling you to deliver content seamlessly on any mobile device, to making it easy to launch mobile applications.

Know your customer's entire mobile journey

Completely understand your customer's mobile experience and preferences. Understand exactly how your customer interacts with the mobile content you are delivering on each and every channel and device.

Deliver mobile experience in real time

Whether they are mobile only, mostly mobile, prefer to use mobile for purchases, or engage with social media content entirely on their mobile device. Shape that experience when and where your customer wants it.

Optimise across all devices and channels

Optimise the mobile experience as your customer travels from their laptop to their smartphone, from an email message as part of a nurture campaign, to a social media campaign you're running. Always-on content testing ensures they receive only the most relevant content, every time.

Easily launch mobile apps

Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin enable your C+ developers to quickly build applications using their existing .NET skills and produce native mobile applications that use and serve Sitecore content.


Location-based targeting

Deliver tailored content based on where your customers are physically located, highlighting content that relates to the nearest location.


Automatic device detection

Sitecore automatically detects which device your customer is interacting with your content on, and optimises that content and experience in real time.


Separation of presentation from content

Sitecore uniquely separates presentation from content. Content is produced once and optimised for the device. This also ensures you're ready to interact on whichever new device is coming.


Preview designs on any device

Preview and test content and layouts for various devices to optimise the presentation, for mobile web or mobile apps.


Mobile commerce

Sitecore enables a full end-to-end experience from first discovery, to transaction, to retention and loyalty. Mobile commerce is seamlessly woven into the customer experience.


Single content hub

Whether you are delivering mobile content via your mobile website, a mobile app, an email read on a device, or a social media campaign, all of your content is housed in the Sitecore CMS and optimised for mobile.

Social experience

Social Experience


Built-in branded community tools

Nurture and manage your connected community through blogs, wikis, forums, reviews, and polls right inside Sitecore. Your website's social capabilities are completely integrated with analytics, personalisation, and digital marketing channels.


Promote and amplify your message socially

Sitecore® Social, powered by Komfo, is a complete social media marketing suite that allows you to listen, understand, respond, amplify, and publish content in social channels at scale. Ensure you leverage social media as part of the overall marketing mix by adding Sitecore Social to your toolbox.


Plug in to popular social networks

Listen and share content on Twitter, Facebook and other popular public social networks from one interface and measure the success of your external social conversations. Let your customers authenticate with their social IDs rather than create yet another account: Connect their preexisting social information to their Sitecore Experience Profile to add to your knowledge of them as customers.


Create more tailored customer experiences

Use your customer's rich social network profile information to personalise conversations with them. For example, tailor your content for them based on their LinkedIn skills, birthday, or Facebook interests. Show your customers that you really know them, and know what they want.


Trigger messages directly to each user's social networks

Similar to personalised email messages, you can send personalised messages to a user's social profile or post on their timeline if they have triggered a goal in Sitecore. This extends your reach into social media with high relevance to the friends and family of your users.

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