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The diary of an intern at Welcom Digital 

Aneysha Wakelin

We’re passionate about design at Welcom Digital and as we continue to be at the forefront of shaping future and emerging design trends it makes perfect sense to help nurture future talent! Through internships we’re able to learn from, as well as teach, future leaders in design and support them to grow their skills and style.

Our most recent intern, Lucy, has done just that. As an already very strong designer, Lucy has not only learned a lot from our design, UX and UI teams but also left the legacy of her new and unique style and ideas and also added to the team an element of youthful zest.

As Lucy’s time with us comes to an end and she heads back to University to complete her degree, she wrote the below about her inspiring time and experiences with us..

“Having previously interned and completed work experience in the Design Industry, it has been a much different, and on the whole, a more exciting experience. For one, being on the tenth floor looking out over North Yorkshire certainly makes working inside all day easier.  I have been given the chance to flex almost every design related muscle I can, plus some I did not even know I have. I was initially hired to design greetings cards, which is a much more intricate and strict process than expected. Producing and designing greetings cards and ranges of cards is like being given a number of quickfire design briefs- it is fast-paced, demanding, and very enjoyable. Most importantly, it has prepared me for and introduced me to a working environment that is always moving forward, producing design and making changes quickly and efficiently, and to a time frame.

“Through designing these cards, my skills in Adobe Creative Suite have improved tenfold; not only in speed in programs such as Illustrator and InDesign, but I have a new found appreciation and love for Photoshop, having learned new ways and tricks to aid the producing of documents using this software.

“One of my strengths is illustration, and interning at Welcom Digital has allowed me to utilise this skill in a professional environment. I have created ranges of cards that have ballpoint pen, watercolour and fineliner illustrations. This has allowed me to see how I can further incorporate illustration into future work.  I have also used my illustration skills in a live brief, which required me to produce expressions and poses for an existing character a client had designed for them. My line drawings were then taken forward and made 3D by a second designer. This was a real highlight of my time at Welcom Digital, as it was so rewarding to see my hard work be transformed into something that would be seen and appreciated. This is something a year in industry has taught me- freelance work at university can only let you experience this to a certain degree, whereas full time work in the Design Industry has allowed myself, as a young designer, to properly get my first taste of having my work put to good use.  Existing skills of mine have been pushed to new heights of creativity- they have been given that hardcore exercising they were so desperate for.

“My time at Welcom Digital has seen me working on small pieces of web design, including banner and elements for branding in social media profiles. I have also produced vector icons intended for online use, and PDF documents to be sent to potential and existing clients.

“My creativity is the main thing that has grown with me throughout this internship – it really has been nurtured throughout every one of my 8 months at Welcom Digital. It has been encouraged in new and exciting ways it would not have had I not applied for a year in industry, or this internship. My creativity and design skills have not only improved and expanded into new areas, they have matured and it is for these things that I am most grateful.

“However, this internship would not be nearly the same if not for the enthusiastic, creative, hilarious and inspirational people I work with. At Welcom Digital I have been made to feel like part of the team, and that my work is valued. My colleagues are not only people I admire, and who I aspire to be able to create work of a similar standard as, they are friends. I respect them wholeheartedly both as designers and people, and look forward to coming into work everyday. The hard working attitudes of these people are impressive, and are something that I intend to take back to university with me for my final year when I (unfortunately) have to go back and complete my degree.

“There will definitely be an Welcom Digital -shaped hole in my heart when this internship finishes; thank you so much for having me, allowing me to design and teaching me so much.”


We at Welcom Digital would like to thank Lucy for her hard work and dedication and wish her every success in completing her degree.