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Robust project processes to keep your project on track

At Welcom Digital, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and deliver complex commerce projects. To achieve this we rely on our robust project processes which we constantly refine to ensure they facilitate smooth delivery.

Our team is multi-disciplined, comprising Prince 2 qualified Project Managers, as well as certified Agile Scrum Practitioners allowing us to deliver your project in your chosen methodology or more typically a blend of both.

We strive to keep website downtime to an absolute minimum so we undertake tasks such as hardware and software upgrades at the best time to suit your business.

Welcom Process

To maintain visibility throughout your project, the build phase is delivered in 3 week development sprints and at the end of sprint, the work to date is presented in the form of a demonstration and all parties are invited to attend.

Your dedicated commerce consultant will play the role of Product Owner throughout the duration of your project and will work closely with the client-side product owner and the development team at every stage to ensure the vision defined at the start of the project is delivered at the end of your project as planned.


The process starts with a series of workshops to unearth your requirements, understand your priorities, scope out any system integrations required, identify your user personas and define their user journeys.

Depending on the complexity of your project and level of clarity that exists upfront, one or more of the following workshops will be required:

Discovery and requirements capture

User Experience, User Centric Design & Content Prioritisation

Systems Integration


Welcom Process

Commerce Solution Prototyping

On completion of the necessary workshops your commerce consultant will create an interactive wireframe prototype of your solution.

The wireframe will form the basis of the Functional Specification and once approved will be translated in to User Stories and added to your product backlog. The User Stories will then be prioritised, estimated and committed into a sprint as appropriate.

We utilise a number of artefacts that help us monitor performance, for example the Sprint Burndown chart illustrates where we are against plan for the sprint.